Apply For a Grant

Drew’s Team, Inc. is a 501©(3) non-profit organization (EIN#14-1941874) dedicated to providing financial assistance to families affected by this very expensive disease. Our grass-roots organization has generated over $120,000 in the last 9 years to fund parking programs, pay for overnight family stays at the hospital, cover out-of-pocket expenses for necessary prescription drugs, and allow the children to participate in activities that are beyond their parent’s ability to pay. We’ve also established an endowment fund at Boston Children’s Hospital that will last for generations to come. We’re an organization made up entirely of volunteers so we can guarantee that 100% of all money raised will go directly towards helping families in need.

Download the Drew’s Team Grant Application (PDF)

If you are in need of assistance, Drew’s Team is here to help. Please print and fill out this application form, and fax it 480-275-3455 for review. Or mail the form to:

Drew’s Team, Inc. c/o Grant Program
26 Cole Street
Salem, NH 03079